Monthly Archives: July 2018

New Post…with very little information

Well, I would love to say I have been gone for the last several months hard at work, but that would be a fabrication of sorts. The truth is I have been hard at work on so many things, that I can’t speak about, which in turns seems like nothing of note. I would love to tell you that I am hard at work doing a small movie, however, the NDA I signed says I am unable to talk about it until the beginning of the new year so I won’t. I would love to tell you about the new series I am working on for a digital media streaming giant that can catch butterflies in a @$, alas I cannot speak about that either. I would love to tell you that I have been hard at work finally fixing the errors from Trajen and that a new version will be out two weeks before the release of Jentra. Silly me I can talk about that. You will see more information on that shortly. The website is in dire need of some help so in the next couple weeks you will see a lot of changes there as well. Last, but maybe not least I am ill. I know that sounds terrible, but I will be able to continue writing. I will however have to either quit writing stand-up or not tend bar anymore. You can decide which one on my Instagram #vehemencetrue. I will be mia for about two months from October to December, but I will be doing the audio versions of Trajen and Jentra at that time so it works out wonderfully.

That’s all for now.