If you already read the book, this is a nice little recap to give you a little more incite on some of our friends and what they belong to. If you haven’t read the book this will indeed be spoiler material, and with that I say the following…

Spoilers are listed below, albeit not large ones.


Shapeshifters, skinwalkers. More animal than man. The Lyra are a race who once worshiped the earth, though now they seem to want to control it. While they may appear human most of the time, Lyrans have to ability to take on the aspects of an animal. The majority of Lyra are dog-like, though there are some which take on the aspects of different animals as well. The Lyra began the Great War against the Vampyr. Thousands of years later, the Lyrans continue to be led by their unquestionable leader, Mordacity, CEO of LyraCorp.


Tall and gaunt in appearance, Wretched are the eternal neutral party. As a result of their neutrality, they have been forced to live a life which exists on the fringes of all society. Many Wretched live in underground cities, which can be as vast and complex as the man-made places above. Wretched have the unique ability to materialize huge wings at will which can be used for both utility and combat.


Naturally nomadic, Dayrunners are not unlike gypsies among the Loren. Similar in nature to the Vampyr, Dayrunner males require massive amounts of energy to stay alive. Female Dayrunners can photosynthesize sunlight and convert it into the energy their male counterparts need, creating a perfectly synergistic biological partnership. Unfortunately for many of the other races in the world, male Dayrunners very rarely ever pair with a female of their own kind.


The people in the shadows. The Shadone were among the first races to partner with Lyrans when the Great War began. Shadone can manipulate the darkness around them, stepping from one shadow to the next. Shadone warriors are agile, and difficult to fight.


One of the first races of The Loren, Vampyrian culture is one which is led and directed by a council of elders. The Vampyr subsist on blood and possess many manipulative mental abilities. Some can move so quickly their forms appear like smoke. The Vampyr lost the Great War against the Lyra, and are now considered to be completely gone from the world.


Sellswords, mercenaries, assassins – Celebrants have borrowed the culture of many other races of Loren and adapted it to suit their interests. Their kind are among the richest in the world, their figureheads the noble Celebrant Houses. Like the Wretched, the Celebrant Nobles remained officially neutral during the Great War, but have curried favor with their services. Celebrants have the ability to grow shards of bone at will. With the wealth in their race so vastly divided, Celebrant commoners often sell themselves as warriors for hire, their natural armor and weapons making them perfect for physical confrontation.


Hive-minded and death eating. Each Morkhavian shares a central consciousness and subsists on rotting or decaying matter. Morkhavian warriors are hardy, with the ability to regrow full appendages if needed. Their kind are the most tactile of the races, their hive-mind allowing them to act as a singular unit even when thousands of them are gathered. Morkhavians are allies to the Lyra, though they have never given an official reason for doing so.

Peacebringers and Warmongers

More myth than reality, Peacebringers and Warmongers once existed to keep the balance among the races. They were each one half of a dual race, and were said to possess the abilities and strengths of all other races of Loren. It has been thousands of years since anyone has ever seen either of their kind.


Chroniclers of history, the oldest among the Loren. The Gargoyles were the first race to ever exist. Their souls are ‘loose,’ with the ability to travel from one vessel to the next. Many Gargoyles leave behind their original form, whether it be composed of rock or metal, and take residence in the body of another race. The Gargoyle Tomes, written in the language of the Gargoyle are highly valued as they provide insights into the forgotten past of the Loren. Like the Peacebringers and Warmongers, the Gargoyles have not been sighted for thousands of years.


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