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A Title…

What’s in a title? I guess I could call it whatever I want and for the most part people have to accept that. However, the titles I have decided on mean something, they may not be recognizable at first, but they have meaning. I guess if I had to write the title out it would have to be something that everyone would find easily identifiable, yet staying within the world created. Maybe I am going to use this time to just have the new title announced later this month with a fancy trailer for the Loren series as a whole…too much. I am just giving away too much. Then again I have been up all night writing and that causes you to be a little stir crazy. Sometimes writing sentences that have 7 commas in them, and almost never have a real noun. Oh well, hopefully someone will ask me what the new title is and I will look at them and say, “I don’t know, but I am sure Jentra has it in her mind to call it what she likes.”


P.S. Who is Jentra?

And sometimes they die…

Oh my, when you have to kill one of your characters to progress the story. Dear me George, how do you do this? Needless to say #mandown or #someonedown or #femaledown


Another day of news

Chapters, chapters, chapters and more…
People have sent me some messages about when they can expect the next book, so I thought I would try to at least post weekly what’s going on in the world of JS. So with that said here we go. I got the first draft of the screenplay done, for the indi project. The first six chapters are done for book 2 (well as done, as much as it can be I could throw it all today and rewrite it, not likely, but I could :D) of the Loren series and I am now signing off for the weekend from work. Have a great weekend and I will try to touch base Tuesday.

The Cooker…

Well I am on my way to working on some super secret sauce. Have no fear book 2 is well underway and without an official title. The format of this book I am really excited about, I hope everyone likes it. I am also happy to announce I will be working on an independent film with my son Devin Parker. This brings a little bit of moisture to my eyes. I mean I remember him trying to learn how to kick a ball. I am getting choked up thinking about it right now. More news to come on those fronts over the next week.

Let me also take this time to welcome aboard Ink & Paper Media for helping with some much needed exposure. You can find her group over here, Facebook: Ink & Paper Media and  Twitter

So let’s start 2016 off with a bang.

P.S. Yes, I know many people want to know about the physical copy edition. There will be more news to come on this front shortly, I haven’t forgotten about it.

As I embark on the road…

Sold my very first book yesterday. Honestly I am choked up. My dream of becoming an author was one filled with lots of struggle. The link is live at Smashwords, but the bigger deal is it being on amazon and several other independent publisher outlets. I have a couple more projects I am working on during 2016 and I hope they are even half as well received as Trajen is. If you haven’t checked out the sampler head on over to their site and peruse at your leisure Trajen The Loren


Free Chapter Preview is up and ready for your reading pleasure. Feel free to drop a comment on what you think. Book will be available December 9th. Read the preview here



I sit here tightening the bolts on my little project and it feels really similar to those first steps of my kids. It has taken on a life of its own. The Loren is real and I hope everyone is as excited to finally read it as I was to write it.

Welcome to the World of the Loren

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to come on this fantastic journey. I am going to try to keep everyone posted on the series as well as answer questions throughout the site. I hope you enjoy the trip.