The Cooker…

Well I am on my way to working on some super secret sauce. Have no fear book 2 is well underway and without an official title. The format of this book I am really excited about, I hope everyone likes it. I am also happy to announce I will be working on an independent film with my son Devin Parker. This brings a little bit of moisture to my eyes. I mean I remember him trying to learn how to kick a ball. I am getting choked up thinking about it right now. More news to come on those fronts over the next week.

Let me also take this time to welcome aboard Ink & Paper Media for helping with some much needed exposure. You can find her group over here, Facebook: Ink & Paper Media and  Twitter

So let’s start 2016 off with a bang.

P.S. Yes, I know many people want to know about the physical copy edition. There will be more news to come on this front shortly, I haven’t forgotten about it.